Minimal bed created from circular smooth forms obtained by squared steel tubes , allowing a comfortable internal lodging with a stain-resistant removable microfiber cushioning.
A insert of precious wood is located in the smaller circles suitable as magazine rack.

Dimensions (cm): L 80 H 57 P 75
Weigh 20 Kg
For S/M sized dog – from 0 to 15 Kg max

Design Pending

This design item is realized in Italy, all strictly hand-crafted with no assistance of any machineries including the bending of the square steel obtained by skilled hand of artisans using a cool-calendering device.
Each piece is unique , original  and never exactly equal to another one after.
The spiral shape with its spaces and transparences gives also chances to the most curious pet subjects to keep under control the external ambient and at same time allows to feline cats evolutions between speedy out and in.
The final part of this item, the magazine rack , gives a further utility to this object and to render even more peculiar the whole thing there is a precious wood insert base obtained from the original “ venetian Bricola”. Wood is sanded and left natural without any use of invasive paints which will not allow to enjoy the gentle fragrance that this type of wood immersed for years in the sea is able to release.
The decoration is executed with particular mother-of-pearl finishing by master Venetian decorators, registered and certified by “ The traditional artistic profession Masters”.
SESIA , name of this item which is the Venetian meaning of DOVE, represent a Italian stylish model: perfect for those who wish a comfortable lodging for our four legs friends and at the same time bringing home a piece of the magic Venice.



The Bricole have a real leading role in the city of Venice. These are oak poles fixed to the sea bottom and used to indicate the water courses to boats and watercrafts. Their main characteristic stay in the fact that they are immerged for years in the Venetian laguna becoming the natural habit of marine flora and fauna . In particular there are some shellfish which leaves marks of their passage by carving this wood through a strenuous work that gives life to round deep holes extremely perfect in their shape which go to create  particular designs, templates and striping of unique workship